Today we review the Braun Multiquick 5 (K700). The K700 is designed to deliver professional-grade performance, and it’ll hold well to daily use, even if you’re tough on your kitchen devices. This particular food processor is excellent for home use, but will also be up to the task in a commercial kitchen as well.


The K700 is fitted it with two mixing bowls, which means that the machine has a large footprint (24x16x30 inches) and a distinct style. Despite its plastic construction, it manages to look more like a professional processor rather than one intended for home use.

The K700 is available in both black and white. The black edition has silver-colored knobs and looks very sharp but also has a high-gloss finish that makes fingerprints an issue. The white edition has light blue knobs and isn’t as distinct but is much easier to keep clean.


The K700 includes a plastic universal bowl (2 L) and a plastic chopper bowl (0.75 L). It also includes universal blades, chopping blades and a slicing disc with a variable slicing insert. The Braun also includes discs for grating, shredding and extra-coarse shredding. Additional accessories include a whisk whip and a dough hook. All blades, discs and tools are dishwasher-safe and made with stainless steel.


The Braun K700 has a rotary dial setting, a setting for low and high speed and a pulse setting that allows for variable speeds. The motor itself is silent, which makes usage notably quieter than most food processors. The universal bowl is larger than the standard 7 cups (approximately 8.5) and having the additional bowl (approximately 3.2 cups) makes using the machine a joy. The K700 is also very powerful, and you’ll find that you’ll quickly process hard items, such as nuts or ice, which you can chop without having to crushing first.

What Consumers are Saying

Customers are generally pleased with the Braun K700, and there are no consistent complaints to make note of. Some users indicate that it is strange transitioning to a two-bowl system but that it’s quite convenient once they’ve acclimated. The K700 is a high-end food processor, and customers who have only ever used an economy model marvel at how much easier and faster food processing is with this device.

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Overall Grade

A knock against the Braun K700 is that it costs around 2.5 times as much as the most popular economy models, but in our opinion, it’s a worthwhile investment. The K700 is built to last, and the power and utility of the device will save you a considerable amount of time in the kitchen.

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