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The Breville Sous Chef is a home food processor that certainly could be used in a commercial setting quite capably. The machine is extremely powerful, with a 1200w (1.6HP) motor and heavy (26lbs.) construction. I do not know of any food processor model that comes standard with so many accessories enabling so many different processing options.

There is an adjustable slicing disc that provides an incredible 24 different slicing settings, allowing you to slice something as thin as 0.3mm to up to a large slice of 8mm. Additionally, you are provided with a disc for slicing french fries, a disc for slicing julienne style vegetables and a whisking disc. Also, the model comes standard with a dough blade for kneading dough, as well as serrated S-blades for both the huge 16-Cup universal bowl and the 2.5-Cup mini processing bowl.

This Breville food processor is a monster, weighing in at just over 26lbs. Although it is quite large, the Breville is designed beautifully and will look great on a kitchen countertop. There is a die-cast metal base that adds to the appliance’s weight, and a rubber platform bottom that prevents the unit from sliding around during use.

Another cool feature is the extra-wide feeding chute, which is 5.5 inches in total. The benefit of the larger feeding chute is time-saving, as you will not be required to pre-cut the food items before placing them through the chute for processing. The extra width may not seem significant, but trust me this benefit will save a great deal of time and headache if you are using the machine on even somewhat frequent basis.


  • 5 Different Discs (Slicing, Shredding, Whisking, Julienne and French Fry)
  • 3 Different Blades (S-Blade, Dough Blade and Mini Blade)
  • 16-Cup Universal Processing Bowl
  • 2.5-Cup Mini Processing Bowl
  • LCD Display Timer
  • 26 lbs Die-Cast Metal Construction
  • Convenient Storage for the Discs and Blades
  • 5.5 inch Extra-Wide Feeding Chute
  • 24 Different Settings for Adjustable Slicing Disc

This Breville Sous Chef food processor is a home food processor great enough for commercial use. I personally have not seen any negative qualities to this Breville model, other than maybe its heavy weight. There are a few complaints I’ve found in my research that suggest the blades can jam or stick at times, although these complaints were few and far between.

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