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Cuisinart has the competition on its heals in the food processor world. They continually produce powerful and quality models designed for home use but capable of commercial use. This particular model is no exception. Cuisinart did something cool with the FP-14DC that is uncommon, they provided a third medium-sized bowl.

This food processor comes including a large 14-Cup universal bowl, an 11-Cup medium-sized bowl and a 4.5-Cup mini bowl. The bowls are designed to fit within each other, so they do not add storage space. Some have complained that the rubber mechanism that holds the bowls in place can make it difficult to clean, however there are slits in the lid that will allow you to spray water down to clean thoroughly.

The motor on this machine is really powerful at 1000w (1.34 HP). Also, the tough quality construction makes for a heavy machine, weighing nearly 27lbs. Also the slicing blade that is included with the processor is adjustable, allowing you to slice an object from as thin as 1mm to as thick as 6mm.

Finally, there is an extra-wide feeding chute with this Cuisinart FP-14DC processor. The extra-wide feeding chute will allow you to save time by avoiding the necessity to pre-cut the items you intend to insert into the processing bowls. The unit comes with the same 30-minute instructional DVD and 50-page recipe book that other Cuisinart models include.


  • 1000w (1.34HP)
  • 14-Cup Universal Processing Bowl
  • 11-Cup Medium-Sized Processing Bowl
  • 4.5-Cup Mini Processing Bowl
  • ON/OFF/Dough/PULSE Touchpad Control System with LED
  • Stainless Steel Adjustable Slicing Disc (1mm to 6mm)
  • Shredding Disc
  • Chopping/Mixing Blade
  • Dough Blade
  • Wide-Sized Feed Chute
  • 10-year Full Motor Warranty
  • 3-year Limited Unit Warranty

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