The Delonghi DFP735 is a great food processor choice in theory, but in actuality this model seriously lacks delivery. I gave this Delonghi model a C and not an F for two reasons, otherwise this would DFP735 likely would have failed our review.

First, I do not have this model personally, and have not been able to test the model in my own kitchen. I will not give a failing grade to a food processor unless I personally have had the opportunity to work with the model. Second, the DFP735 features the dual-drive system, theoretically allowing for both food processing and blending capabilities.

The Positives

In addition to the dual-drive system, there are a few positives with respect to its food processing capability. The 600watt motor is powerful and capable of carrying out food processing of hard food items, like meat and potatoes. There are 8 different speed settings which permits a variety of food processing outcomes, such as pureeing or whipping. Finally, the 12-cup work bowl is certainly a nice size that allows more than enough space for nearly every home food processing need.

The Negatives

I really dislike food processors that provide only a 1-year “limited” warranty, and not the 5-year that is an industry standard. Even worse, the 1-year “limited” warranty provided with this Delonghi model is “limited” in a way you likely do not imagine.

My research has revealed several alarming instances when folks were delivered a broken model, due to its cheap plastic design, and were unable to get a refund from Delonghi. This “limited” warranty must include an exception for models that are not even delivered to the buyer in working order. If the company will not stand by their product, why should we?

Additionally, there is no shortage of customer service complaints with Delonghi. Folks seem to have a difficult time communicating with this company, and are frequently treated disrespectfully by the customer service representatives.


  • Dual-drive system
  • 12-Cup work bowl
  • 600W motor
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Compact design (space-saving)
  • 8 speed settings

Personally, I would avoid this model and would encourage you to avoid this model as well. There are simply too many other food processors in this same $100 price range that perform well and are provided by companies that stand by their product.

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