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It is not often I post how much I dislike a food processor, but this is one of those rare occasions. I dislike this Kitchen Aid KFP740CR model a great deal. I will present you with the positives and negatives I find with this processor, and you decide what you think.

First, I will highlight the positives; it will be a short discussion. The only positive that I find is the inclusion of a 4-Cup mini bowl along with the larger 9-Cup bowl. That is it folks, the only positive I find that gives this model a leg up on the competition at this price point.

Now, the negatives; this will be a lengthier discussion. First, there is a rather annoying design flaw with this Kitchen Aid model. A lip exists underneath the blade cover. When the machine is operated, the processed items will get caught underneath this lip, requiring an extensive and cleanup process after each and every use. If you are processing raw meats, this lip defect can even create a health risk if not properly uncontaminated with each and every use.

Next, there is no slicing or shredding disc included with the purchase. You must purchase any disc as an added accessory. I find this more than slightly annoying, and feel Kitchen Aid is lagging the competition in this regard. Throw in a slicing blade, and adjustable one at that. For $120, a disc or two included with the new model is simply not too much to ask.

Third, the KFP740CR comes with a minimal 1-year replacement warranty. Most food processors we review have a 5-year motor warranty, and at least a 3-year parts & labor warranty, and a 1-year warranty tells me Kitchen Aid cut corners with the design and manufacture of this model. In fact, when you take a look at this processor, you will notice it is largely plastic in design. My research tells me many folks have complained of these cheap plastic parts breaking far before its expected useful life.

Finally, the machine has a smaller 1/2 HP motor. This is probably the least of my concerns with this model, but for the money I would personally prefer a bit more powerful motor size. This is by no means a workhorse food processor.


  • 9-Cup Universal Processing Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Chopping/Mixing Blade
  • Sealed Housing for Quieter Operation
  • 4-Cup Mini Processing Bowl
  • 1-Year Replacement Bowl
  • 1/2 HP Motor

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