This weekend my wife and I tried the Kitchenaid KFP0711 Food Processor, and although I am usually quite tough on Kitchenaid’s food processor models, we were actually pretty impressed with this mid-priced model.


The KFP0711 looks really great on the countertop, but I do dislike the hard plastic base. I do not dislike the base for any reason other than I simply dislike plastic bases on food processors, as opposed to metal based models. The gray/silver styling is really sharp looking, and certainly is a positive for this Kitchenaid model.


The KFP0711 comes with a chopping/mixing blade, an adjustable and reversible slicing/shredding disc and a disc for grating. The adjustable blade adjusts from as fine as 1mm to up to 6mm for slicing variable slice sizes.

There is one 7-cup work bowl and no mini-bowl included. There is a 1-year replacement warranty, as with all Kitchenaid model food processors. As I have stated in other Kitchenaid reviews, this 1-year warranty does not measure up against the industry standard 5-year motor warranty and 3-year parts and labor warranty.


The machine performed well for us this weekend. We prepared some guacamole and some salsa with vegetables from our garden. Additionally, we sliced thin potato slices to make scallop potatoes, and also shredded potatoes to prepare hash browns.

The machine easily performed all of the various functions we required, however when slicing the potatoes there was an issue with accumulating potato slices atop the disc, beneath the lid. The slices became trapped and unable to fall to the bowl below the disc. This was annoying, but other than that issue we experienced no problems whatsoever.

The machine has a low setting, a high setting, and a pulse setting for varying degrees of mixing. I was pleased with the fairly quiet motor during use, and although the 7-cup work bowl is sort of small for our needs, it should be sufficient for most home users.

There are many complaints with this KFP0711 regarding the proper locking position required to get the machine’s motor to start.

First, the bowl must be locked into position, and there will be a clicking sound when the bowl is locked in its proper position. Second, you must lock the lid into position with the food chute on the front side of the machine, nearest the touchpad. If the lid is locked in any other position, the motor will not start. Simple fix folks.

Overall Grade

At a $100 price point, this Kitchenaid KFP0711 is a great choice for basic home use. The machine performs well with all its intended functions, and although the 7-cup bowl is not ideal for our home’s frequent use, this model will be a great choice for any home users looking for an inexpensive and quality food processor for occasional use.

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